Regatta now in better....



Low cost of entry:

Regatta takes advantage of several Microsoft technologies to deliver an easy to use and capable interface to your Usability studies. Our first requirement was to use low cost, off the shelf software as much as possible. You can download and install all of the software needed for a basic machine for only the cost of a Windows 7 license. Even Windows 7 Home Edition can be used, though we recommend Windows 7 Professional.

Microsoft Windows 7 based, but multi-platform consumable:

Regatta uses any Microsoft Windows 7 computer as the Application Server to capture and record streaming audio and video. The interface to Regatta is HTML and Silverlight which enables the user to access Regatta from any network connected machine that supports Silverlight including Apple OSX (does not support iOS), Linux or other Windows computers.

You start by turning on Internet Information Services 7 (IIS7) that is built in to Windows 7. This turns the machine into a web server. Then you download, install and configure the following technologies:

  • Microsoft dotNet Frameworks version 4
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 (You should buy the Pro version if you decide to use Regatta in a professional environment)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express SP4

Finally, you install the Regatta web application and access the application simply by typing in the HTML IP address of your computer in a browser. For example, http://localhost/Regatta/default.aspx or or even if you want to access Regatta from somewhere on the Internet or Intranet.

You can use a laptop to run Regatta while travelling to customer sites, or from a dedicated desktop in a closet if you own a dedicated usability lab.

Simply plug the USB video sources into the main Regatta machine, configure the video/audio sources from the Regatta application, then start recording using the actual Regatta computer, or any other network connected computer.