C6000™ High Performance Multicore DSP

TMS320C6000™ High Performance Multicore DSPs – TI’s C6000™ high-performance multicore DSP platform includes a wide range of device choices for multicore processing that deliver the highest performance at the lowest power levels and cost. The platform’s multicore processing and low power capabilities are optimal for applications in markets such as medical imaging, test and automation, mission critical, video infrastructure and high-end imaging. These scalable solutions leverage TI’s leadership and experience delivering robust silicon and software to ease multicore development. Devices include TI's C66x generation of multicore processors, based on the KeyStone architecture, that combine both fixed- and floating-point capabilities to deliver up to 10 GHz of performance, as well as TI’s C647x high-performance, low power multicore DSPs. Get an overview of C6000 Multicore Processors.

For more information please see here:http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/dsp/platform/c6000-multicore/device.page