OMAP™ 5 Platform

The OMAP 5 platform includes applications processors with supporting wireless connectivity, power management, battery management and audio management devices for next-generation Smartphones, Tablets, and other mobile devices. Strong open source software for the platform is available to introduce products to market faster.

OMAP 5 Processors

The OMAP 5 advanced multi-core architecture includes a variety of cores, including ARM® general-purpose processors, multiple graphics cores and several application-specific processors for a balance of programmability, performance and power.

There are two OMAP 5 devices targeted to serve different customers' needs. Both of these devices use a TI-defined, low-power 28 nanometer fabrication process.

The OMAP5430 is targeted for products such as Smartphones that demand the smallest size supporting dual-channel, LPDDR2 Package-on-Package (PoP) memory.

The OMAP5432 is targeted for mobile computing and consumer products that are more cost-sensitive, without the extreme size constraint, supporting dual-channel DDR3/DDR3L memory.


TI WiLink™ Wireless Connectivity

The OMAP 5 platform supports the latest TI WiLink wireless connectivity devices to ensure multi-mode operation and access to a variety of wireless network connections for service any time, anywhere on a variety of wireless networks. In addition to Bluetooth®, FM, Wi-Fi® and GPS capabilities integrated in a small, combination device, the OMAP 5 platform solution will enable faster wireless browsing and video streaming, enhanced location-based services and new mobile payment support.

TI Power Management

The OMAP 5 platform integrates TI's industry-leading SmartReflex™ 3 technologies to enable high performance at low power. SmartReflex 3 technologies combine intelligent and adaptive silicon, circuit design and software to solve power and performance management challenges at smaller process nodes, enabling OEMs to offer sleeker, multimedia-enabled mobile devices with long battery life and less heat dissipation. The OMAP 5 platform also includes support for a power management companion device that is optimized to provide the specific power needs for the OMAP 5 applications processors.

TI Battery Management

The OMAP 5 platform integrates a TI battery management device that provides high-efficiency battery charging, Power Path support and fuel gauge capabilities.

TI Audio Management

The OMAP 5 platform integrates a TI audio management device that provides low-power head-set, speakers, vibrators, amplifiers and microphone interface support. New energy-efficient amplifier support will extend audio play times further.


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