With far reaching experience in embedded software, video and audio systems, mobile devices, web development, system programming and cross platform development, OptiGlobal delivers its clients software development services for every stage of the software product lifecycle from analysis and design to maintenance and support.

We start with the analysis of your business requirements, help you with defining and specifying the idea of the requested IT solution, elaborate comprehensive specifications, prepare the product development plan with timelines for each deliverable and analyze the project risks. Our clients receive regular project status reports during the development phase allowing them to monitor the progress and ensuring timely project execution. After development is completed, the product is thoroughly tested and documented in English. We also provide our clients with long-term maintenance and support offerings required to make the product functional and keep it current with the cycles of technological change.

Well-established development process along with strong and transparent project management allows us to complete all projects on time and on budget and provide really competitive advantages to all our clients. Learn more about our development methodologies.

To date, OptiGlobal has contributed various software products to the telecommunication, security, e-commerce and hotel industries employing numerous programming languages, platforms, operating systems, tools and technologies.

OptiGlobal has extensive expertise providing the following types of IT solutions:

Audio and video systems (encoding/decoding, streaming, compression/decompression, image processing, etc.);
Embedded applications (mobile phones/PDA programming, microcontrollers, OpenTV programming);
Mobile development (iPhone, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry);
Web development (3D/Flash animation, E-commerce solutions, etc.);
2D/3D graphics;
System programming (Linux Kernel, drivers and BSPs development);
Networking and Wireless Technologies;
Cross platform development (Windows, Linux, Mac);
Client-server applications;
CAD applications.

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